Sleep has always intrigued scientists, because we all know that the quality of our sleep affects our health and concentration, but there are many unanswered questions: Camilo Ruiz, a sleep specialist at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, has identified some rather surprising facts about sleep.

Science still doesn’t explain our need to sleep, why the quality of sleep is so important and influences our attitude during the day, according to Camilo Ruiz, sleeping would allow our brain to discharge itself of the toxins accumulated during the day, to reset itself for the next day, a kind of "Reset" like on an electronic device!

There is no point in trying to sleep more or sleep less, we are genetically programmed, this need varies with age, the older you get the less you need to sleep, but some people are genetically programmed to be in great shape after 6 hours of sleep, while others will need 8 hours.

The idea that the brain is on standby during sleep is false, on the contrary, during all phases of sleep there are thousands of connections between neurons and new synapses, a very intense activity that has nothing to do with the previous day!

Sleep deprivation can lead to bizarre behaviour... Sleeping too little can be detrimental to our health by causing cognitive problems and even heart disease... Sleep deprivation can also lead to psychological problems such as hallucinations and paranoia... But the most surprising thing is that lack of sleep can make you find someone more attractive, make you addicted to gambling, or make you become less empathetic...

It is not possible to catch up on lost sleep ! it is not worthwhile to sleep more on weekends thinking about recovering short nights during the week, as it seems that the quality of extra sleep in sleeping in does not eliminate the accumulated sleep deficit. the best way to recover would be to take a nap.