You have trouble falling asleep, at night you fear the moment to go to bed because you know that you will turn and get angry for an hour before falling asleep? there are simple solutions to put in place.

You must create an environment conducive to sleep, especially by diffusing dimmed light into your room, avoid bright lights that stimulate your body and blue lights, and opt for bulbs that diffuse warm light.

Lower the temperature in your room, this room must be the coolest in the house because the lower body temperature promotes sleep, the temperature should never exceed 20°, do not hesitate to open the window 5 minutes before going to sleep.

Choose your pillows carefully to keep your body as straight as possible and to clear your airways, the pillow should be comfortable and flexible so as not to create tension in your neck, and it may be necessary to test several pillows to find the one that is best for you.

Choose soft bed linen, if your sheets are worn or rough, their contact is not pleasant, choose soft material sheets instead, give priority to natural materials for a healthier sleep, choose a fitted sheet and a duvet cover made of Organic Cotton.

Get out of bed if you can’t sleep because staying in bed without sleeping only increases stress, so it’s best to get up and do a relaxing activity like drinking an infusion or reading a book until the first signs of fatigue are felt, so you can get back to your bed.

Adopt a breathing-based relaxation technique by breathing by counting to 4, blocking your breathing for a few moments and then exhaling slowly to focus on your breathing rhythm, clear your mind and lower your heart rate.