Everyone likes to fall asleep in one particular position and often wakes up in another, but is there an ideal position to sleep, an ideal position for the back, does the position in which you sleep reveal part of your character?

The best sleeping position is the one that creates the least tension in the body, everyone will find the one that suits them.

Among the sleeping positions it is preferable to fall asleep on your back or side rather than on your stomach.

Lying on your back or side helps to perfectly align your spine, sleeping on your back helps with snoring and sleep apnea, while lying on your side puts a lot of pressure on your hips. if you like sleeping on your side, you can place a small cushion between your knees to ease tension in your hips.

In any case, the position on the stomach is strongly discouraged, particularly because it creates tension in the neck (the head must be turned to one side or the other) but also because it accentuates the lumbar arch.

With regard to the meaning of sleeping positions:

Sleeping on the side would reflect a questioning or an evolution in progress but everything depends on the side! if you fall asleep on the left side this would reflect a mind concerned about a change, while a sleep on the right side would reflect a strong and possessive temperament.

Falling asleep on your back is a sign of psychodynamic balance, even if crossing your hands on your stomach reveals a period of questioning and change...

Sleeping on your stomach with your hands "in the air" would indicate a strong ambition, sleeping on your stomach would fill an emotional gap or calm a feeling of hypersensitivity, a position often adopted by emotionally unstable teenagers.