When baby doesn't sleep well, the whole family suffers the consequences, the big brother wakes up too, the parents are more and more tired and the working days are harder and harder.

It is normal that baby does not sleep through the night from birth

But before you get depressed because your child is still not sleeping through the night, you should make sure that he or she is able to sleep for 12 hours straight. Indeed, at birth a baby is not "programmed" to be able to sleep that long. Older people always say "he will sleep through the night when he weighs at least 5 kilos". Indeed, under 5 kg (about 3 months) a baby does not have enough reserves to fast for 12 hours. The trigger is also made during the passage to 4 meals a day, as long as baby still sucks 5 to 6 times a day, he will need a meal in the night.

Baby must learn to fall asleep alone

The child must be taught to fall asleep on his own. We often tend to rock baby in our arms and put him in his bed when he is asleep. But in order for him to appropriate his bed as "The place where I must fall asleep" it is important to set up a ritual to reassure him, a moment of calm, of cuddles to reassure the child before putting him in his own bed where he can fall asleep alone.

Most babies cry before they fall asleep, so don't rush to sleep, stay alert but wait a few minutes, baby may calm down on his own. If the crying lasts, go and check that he is not hungry, thirsty or too hot, that he is well settled in his sleeping bag, reassure him by speaking softly to him and placing a hand on his belly but avoid, if possible, taking him in your arms.

A little natural help to make baby's sleep easier

Older people recommend the use of orange blossom water to help babies fall asleep. Without any danger, this plant is recognized for its soothing virtues. Mixed with the water of the bottle, it facilitates the sleep of the children.
In parallel, you can mix a small quantity of orange blossom hydrosol with a vegetable oil (olive oil or sweet almond oil) and massage the solar plexus, the arch of the foot and the back of your baby with this mixture.
This massage will give him a feeling of appeasement and you will ensure him peaceful nights.