Whether it’s a stuffed animal, a cloth doll or a nappy, every baby chooses his own cuddly toy. It’s not necessarily the most beautiful or the one you chose, but it’s the one that reassures him. The cuddly toy is a transitional object, it allows to keep the contact with the mother during the periods of separation. This object is very important for the child, it carries the smell of the parents and helps him to relax when he is anxious at the nursery or at school. It allows the child to feel secure. Remember also that the cuddly toy is the only one allowed to share the baby ’s bed and to sleep with him!

If possible, have your baby choose a comforter that can be easily replaced if lost and easily washed. The best thing is to have 2 or 3 identical ones so that you can rotate them and avoid the drama when the comforter falls into the mud or is forgotten at the nanny’s!

Try to encourage him to choose a soft toy that is easy to carry and to put in a bag, forget the 50 cm high plush or the XL size blanket! Try to offer her soft toys made from natural materials that comply with NF standards and are suitable for toddlers, as some models are not suitable for children under 36 months. Forget battery-operated soft toys (not very ecological), those that light up and wake baby up in the middle of the night and those that play music, which will quickly annoy you!

Ideally, you should choose a medium-sized soft toy with good grips for baby’s little hands: ears, tail, paws, which can be washed and dried. Remember to check the strength of the seams and the eyes, because children are not always gentle with their blanket, it must be strong!