Have you ever noticed that after a sports day, children fall asleep very easily and sleep all night? in adults, sport can also help to improve sleep, but only if certain rules are respected.

To enjoy all the benefits of sport, it is advisable to practice it in the morning or before 5pm for a question of biological rhythm, because sport is stimulating for the body, so it is more logical to practice it at the beginning of the day, and when this is not possible, it is also a good idea to practice a sporting activity during lunch break.

However, for most of us it is much more practical to play sports in the evening, after work, and in sports halls between 6pm and 10pm is often the most popular, but let us not forget that sport has a stimulating or even exciting power for the body, after the temporary fatigue that occurs after the session and after the shower we feel in great shape!

If you have the opportunity, then practice intense activities in the morning, on weekends for example, or get up earlier to go to work before going to work, and book quiet activities such as Pilates, streching or yoga for the evening, these relaxing activities help to reduce stress and prepare your body and mind for sleep... For those who need to work hard to relieve stress or to chase away bad ideas related to a busy day, nothing better than an outdoor walk, a bike ride but without forcing, just