To be perfectly healthy, to be effective at work, to be relaxed at home and to have good immune defences it is imperative to sleep well, sometimes we tend to neglect sleep when it is essential for our well-being, we will see how in 3 steps it is possible to improve our sleep to be in better shape.

Respect sleep cycles

The duration of a sleep cycle varies from one individual to another but it is on average 1.5 hours; it consists of a light sleep phase, a deep sleep phase and a REM sleep phase; a night is composed of several cycles, it is important not to wake up in the middle of a cycle; if in the morning, the alarm sounds in the middle of deep sleep, it is a guaranteed disaster!

To avoid this, it is important to identify your sleep cycles, so you should start by looking for signs of fatigue (yawning, heavy eyelids,...) during the day, you will notice that they come back about every 1h30. Then you just have to go to bed a few minutes before the beginning of a cycle and set your alarm clock at the end of a cycle that you have noted on paper.

Get enough sleep

The most important thing is to respect the sleep cycles, you will be in better shape when you sleep a little but respect the cycles than when you sleep 9 hours and wake up in a deep sleep phase.

To be in shape it is important to get up every day at the same time, once you have identified your cycles.

When you go out in the evening, don’t try to sleep any longer, otherwise you’ll wake up in a pitiful state ! to stay in shape it’s better to get up at the same time as usual and take a nap after lunch, this nap should be short (5 minutes) or the duration of a cycle, 1h30 but certainly not longer !

Preparing for the night

By preparing your body and mind to go to bed: by reducing the light, avoiding the screens, eating lightly, relaxing and slipping into one of the soft sheets on a comfortable mattress!