Latex mattresses have the reputation of being the best on the market, what are the advantages of a latex mattress, what type of latex to choose.

First of all, let us recall the difference between natural latex and synthetic latex: natural latex is obtained by transforming the vegetable juice from rubber bark into an organic material, while synthetic latex is designed by polymerizing petroleum derivatives...

Where does natural latex come from?

Hevea is cultivated in Asia, Africa and South America, the vegetable juice is harvested by making notches in the bark of the tree, then transformed to obtain this flexible and elastic material that is latex. natural latex is a healthy and ecological material.

The advantages of natural latex:

Natural latex offers great flexibility and unique elasticity, so latex mattresses offer excellent comfort with a soft welcome that envelops the sleeper’s body, perfectly following the contours of his body while ensuring a firm support, while the high resilience of natural latex mattresses allows them to regain their initial shape day after day, and natural latex also allows good temperature regulation, this natural thermoregulation is optimized when the latex block is perforated to facilitate the circulation of air through the mattress.

What about latex allergies?

Some people are allergic to latex, but this is only a very small part of the population. 100% natural latex is hypoallergenic, its perforated structure has antiperspirant and antibacterial properties, so you considerably reduce the allergic risk.

What are the sleeping qualities of a natural latex mattress?

A natural latex mattress offers excellent elasticity and sleeping independence, so couples can sleep perfectly without being hindered by the movements of the other person, and the latex adapts to the contours of the body and the weight of the sleeper, so a 50kg or 90kg person will benefit from the same flexibility and firm support.

In some cases, latex is combined with another natural material such as coconut fibre, these mattresses offer the advantage of a firm support and a flexible reception.

Unlike a synthetic latex mattress (made from petroleum processing), a natural latex mattress offers a healthy bedding without chemical treatment.

To enjoy all the advantages of a natural latex mattress and a 100% natural sleep, choose a removable latex mattress to wash the cover regularly to eliminate dust mites and bacteria, and to complete the quality of your bed, choose an Organic Cotton sheet and fitted sheet, as well as an Organic Cotton bed linen.