Did you know that temperature can affect the quality of our sleep? Too hot or too cold, what is the perfect temperature to sleep well?

The ideal temperature in a bedroom

According to Dr. Alain Muzet, a sleep specialist, "a room temperature between 16 and 18°C will both promote sleep and facilitate breathing".
It would seem that when it is too cold or too hot, our sleep is disturbed and night-time awakenings are increased.

Our body temperature is about 37 degrees, and for us to fall asleep, our body must lose about 1 degree. As nature is well done, this temperature drops twice during the day, around 2pm, nap time... and around 10pm, time to go to sleep!

In a room where the temperature is too high, the body will have difficulty lowering its temperature, which is why the temperature in your room should not exceed 18 degrees. Have you ever noticed that when it is too hot you are abnormally tired in the morning, you have a headache?

In winter, instead of turning up the heat in your bedroom, keep the temperature at 17 degrees and slip under a warm comforter, you will enjoy a much better sleep.

How to keep the temperature in your bedroom suitable for sleep?

When two people sleep together, the temperature rises because your partner gives off heat. To maintain a temperature between 16 and 18 degrees, remember to air your room daily in the morning and a few minutes before sleeping, if necessary sleep with the window open.

Simple rules of hygiene should also be adopted to avoid the rise in body temperature:

Do not eat too late and eat light, the best is to wait 2 to 3 hours between dinner and bedtime, so that the digestion process is already well advanced.

Do not drink any exciting beverages after 5:00 p.m., but rather a soothing infusion that is not too hot or simply water.

Do not drink alcohol, as it increases the body temperature.

Do not do intense sports before going to sleep for the same reasons, the body needs at least 2 hours to come down in temperature after a sports session. On the other hand, there is no objection to practicing a calm sport, stretching or relaxation, on the contrary!

Choose natural bedding for better air circulation. Unlike synthetic materials that trap air and cause excessive sweating, Organic Cotton or linen allow good ventilation and facilitate temperature regulation.

So get your thermometers and sleep well!


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