Holidays are an opportunity to spend unforgettable moments with your family, but it is also often an opportunity to eat much more than usual, to make excesses of all kinds... The result: a great tiredness at the beginning of January and the feeling of having "fouled your body", but all you have to do is get your act together and follow a few simple rules to find all your energy to start a new year!

Drink a lot

To purify your body after the abuse of New Year’s Eve, drink without moderation, but only water, green tea and herbal teas; choose organic teas, which are better for your health; digestive and soothing herbal teas are the best way to help you relax and feel in great shape.

Eat light and at a set time

You have probably eaten more than usual and especially more fat and sweetened by tasting foie gras, smoked salmon, meats, cheeses, desserts and chocolates... After the holidays, return to a healthy and lighter diet by preferring fish or white meat steamed or grilled, without sauce, with a serving of starches and green vegetables, both at lunch and dinner.

Choose detox foods such as kiwi, artichoke, lamb’s lettuce, tomato and fennel, which you can eat raw in salads or cooked in soup.

Fill up on vitamins by increasing your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, in winter you can eat plenty of oranges, clementines, kiwis, lychees, vegetables and seasonal vegetables such as pumpkin, the delicious pumpkin in soup.

And above all, don’t forget the famous saying: king’s breakfast, prince’s meal, and poor man’s dinner.

Move it! Move it!

If you are used to doing sports, resume your sports habits, otherwise go for a walk in the fresh air, take a walk in the forest or on the beach if you are on holiday, but get some fresh air!

Get some sleep

To recover properly, it is not necessary to sleep in, if you are not used to it, on the contrary, it could lead to greater fatigue by breaking your biological rhythm, but go to bed early, because the hours before midnight are more refreshing and take a nap after lunch, 5 to 15 minutes are enough to regain all your energy.

Banish alcohol!

Champagne, white wine, red wine, festive dinners are often very rich in alcohol and mixtures, which often causes headaches, sometimes nausea and in any case great fatigue, so from January 2 STOP with alcohol!