Organic Cotton is more and more present in our wardrobes and particularly in the children’s and baby’s clothing collections. Why choose Organic Cotton over conventional cotton?

Organic Cotton versus conventional cotton

Cotton represents 50% of the world’s textile production, but what is less known is that cotton is the second most polluting industry on the planet (fertilizers, pesticides, detergents,...)

Organic Cotton, on the other hand, is cultivated without pesticides, bleached without chlorine, dyed without bromide and in the Organic Cotton industry the workers take less risk for their health and are better paid.
Organic Cotton is more respectful of the environment from the seed because the seeds used are guaranteed without GMO, they require half as much water as conventional cotton seeds and are more resistant to diseases.
During cultivation no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used, only natural fertilizers and compost are used.
After harvesting, the cotton is bleached with hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine and the dyes used are guaranteed to be free of heavy metals and carcinogens.

Organic Cotton is softer for babies

Organic Cotton is much softer to the touch than conventional cotton, the fiber is thicker, it takes better care of the sensitive skin of toddlers. Organic Cotton is anti-allergic, it reduces the risk of skin reactions such as eczema, it takes care of fragile skin. No more redness, no more itching, no more irritation, the softness of baby’s skin is preserved. Certified without chemical treatment, it is healthier for the skin

As soon as baby is born, choose Organic Cotton bodysuits, pyjamas and sleeping bags to guarantee ultra-soft skin contact. Choose Organic Cotton even for bed linen by choosing a fitted sheet in Organic Cotton which will be in direct contact with the child. When the child grows up, choose duvet and duvet covers in a 100% Organic Cotton range to ensure a healthy environment, without chemical products.

Organic Cotton certifications

There are two labels to certify Organic Cotton: the Oeko Tex label and the GOTS label.
OEKO-TEX® is the first label to guarantee the ecological qualities of textiles. It ensures that the fibers and fabrics are completely free of toxic products that could be harmful to the body and the environment.

"GOTS certification is the most comprehensive and credible certification system for textile products for the end consumer in terms of sustainable production. This certification guarantees the organic status of the textile fibers used, and ensures that from the production of the raw materials to the production of the finished article, the production processes used are socially responsible and environmentally friendly. "