Sleeping with your baby is a fairly common practice, especially during the first few months of a child’s life. There are many reasons why parents want to put their child to sleep in their bed: difficulties falling asleep, night-time awakenings, colic and above all... parental anxiety!

Should we be for or against this practice? It is difficult to decide, but there are some important points to consider:

Safety: making a newborn sleep in the parental bed is dangerous. This large space is not at all adapted to babies, the risk of suffocation and falling is always present. In addition, he is often too hot wrapped up between his parents under the duvet. To ensure a secure cododo, opt for a cododo cradle that can be attached to the parents’ bed. Choose a mattress that is the same size as the cradle and, just as in a conventional bed, limit the stuffed animals to one baby comforter!

The child’s sleep: in the first few weeks of his life, sleeping close to baby will allow him to be more peaceful. It is also very practical when the mother is breastfeeding, having her baby close to you avoids going back and forth in the child’s room. But very quickly, the child’s sleep can be disturbed by the movements of his parents and even simply by the sound of their breathing.

The couple’s life: the fact of sleeping with the baby inevitably has an impact on the couple’s intimate life. This is a negative influence as far as lovemaking in bed is concerned, but it can be transformed into a positive influence because it encourages the couple to find other places to cuddle ;) !