During the first weeks of baby’s life, we are often tempted to sleep close to him, for a question of ease for breast feeding, or not to be obliged to get up 10 times during the night as soon as we hear a noise in his room! But be careful for baby’s safety, there is no question of making him sleep in the bed between the parents, the risks of suffocation are too great; moreover neither baby, nor the parents are at ease to sleep!

A comfortable crib for baby

To sleep close to your child, you can place his cot next to yours or opt for a co-sleeping cradle that complies with European standards. The cradle must be equipped with a firm mattress, if possible in natural materials and with the exact dimensions of the bed, if need be opt for a custom-made cradle mattress but there is no question of wedging a too small mattress with a rolled towel at the foot!

In his crib, baby should sleep on his back, in a sleeping bag and without any stuffed animals around him. Keep an eye on the temperature of the room because the more people there are in a room, the higher the temperature rises. It should not exceed 19°. If for any reason you have to put your baby in your bed (while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding), be sure to uncover him so that he doesn’t get too warm.

The advantages of co-sleeping

Co-sleeping can be practical in small apartments where baby cannot have his own room. It is also recommended to facilitate breastfeeding in order to avoid trips between your room and baby’s room several times during the night. You will be able to breastfeed without getting up and even continue sleeping! (if you can!)

Co-sleeping allows babies to be reassured, they feel their parents right next to them and this can help them have a peaceful night. It is also beneficial for moms by facilitating sleep, especially at the end of maternity leave when baby is not yet sleeping, wakes up twice a night and the alarm clock rings at 6:30 am!

It is obvious that the cododo should not be prolonged too long, at the age of 6 months the children must be able to sleep alone in their room, but it is only an average, each individual is different...