As pregnancy progresses and the belly becomes more rounded, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. We forget the position on the belly, of course, but sleeping on your back or on your side can also become uncomfortable...

In which position should I sleep during pregnancy?

Sleeping on your back is not recommended at the end of pregnancy because the uterus, which has become very heavy, presses on the vena cava, and the blood flow to the heart is therefore less important, which can cause a vagal malaise. If you feel your head spinning while lying on your back, quickly turn to your left side to free the vena cava. If you want to continue sleeping on your back, you can elevate your upper body and place a pillow under your right hip to tilt your back slightly to the left.

Sleeping on your side, during the whole pregnancy there is no contraindication to sleep on the right or left side, but at the end of the pregnancy the left side is to be preferred to free the vena cava and favor placental circulation.

Sleeping with a nursing pillow helps relieve some of the tension. It is placed along the body, under the belly and between the legs, it allows to support the belly and to avoid pressure points inside the knees. If the nursing pillow is too big, you can opt for two rectangular pillows, one under the belly, the other between the knees.

The adult recliner is a multi-position pillow that allows you to elevate your upper or lower body. A pillow that is fully removable and guaranteed not to be chemically treated.

Do I have to give up the lying position at the end of my pregnancy?

From the 6th month of pregnancy onwards, baby takes up more and more space, which can make the lying position uncomfortable. Many small inconveniences can also appear: heavy legs, cramps, heartburn, gastric reflux...

To relieve these small evils, it is advised to raise the top or the bottom of the mattress. You can place pillows under your legs or raise the foot of the bed if you suffer from blood circulation problems or leg cramps.

To reduce stomach problems at the end of pregnancy, opt for an inclined plane to be positioned between your mattress and your pillow to raise the upper body, if this inclination is not sufficient, slide one or more pillows in your back and sleep in a semi-sitting position.