If baby is often upset at bedtime, or if he wakes up several times a night, it may be interesting to introduce him to the benefits of massage, a soothing technique that promotes restful sleep and creates a special moment between parents and child.

Massage baby to soothe him before bed

From the comfort of a firm mattress or a changing table covered with a diaper, lay baby on his or her stomach, then place your hands on the top of the child's back and move them down one by one to touch the skin as you might with a feather. This gentle massage can be done with bare hands without the need for oil or cream.

When baby is on his back you can massage his scalp, with slow circular movements, as if you were shampooing him, very gently. Then you can continue this massage by going down on the face by carrying out small circles on its forehead, its cheeks and its temples.

To finish the massage, you can position your hands so as to completely envelop the baby's head and leave them in place without moving in order to transmit a soothing warmth. This reassuring feeling of calm will help him fall asleep more easily and enjoy a more peaceful sleep.

A reflexology tip to help baby fall asleep

More surprisingly, there is a reflexology point that makes it easier for baby to fall asleep, which is located on the big toe. Simply massage the big toe by making circles from the outside of the foot towards the other toes. You can finish this massage by massaging the inner edge of the foot because the points located on this line correspond to the spine and their stimulation allows the whole body to relax.