The magazine Que choisir carried out a comparative test on baby mattresses of different brands and the Cocolatex mattress by Kadolis is ranked as one of the best mattresses.

Choose baby mattresses without chemical treatment

First of all, there is good news that will reassure parents: among the 10 mattresses tested, all comply with basic safety standards, none of them presents a risk of suffocation.

On the other hand, parents must be vigilant concerning the mattresses that are noted "Made in France". This is surprising when you consider that most of us tend to favor products made in France, quality products subject to strict controls. But beware, the 5 mattresses manufactured in France tested by Que Choisir are treated with biocides (anti-mite and antibacterial treatment), these chemicals are harmful to babies. These mattresses are therefore dangerous for newborns!

The Cocolatex baby mattress has been elected among the 3 best mattresses on the market. A natural mattress made of coconut fiber, wool and natural latex, and guaranteed without any chemical treatment.

The Cocolatex mattress among the 3 best baby mattresses

Among the 3 best baby mattresses is the Cocolatex mattress by Kadolis!

It is particularly well rated for the following points:

  • Mattress made of 100% natural materials
  • Total absence of chemical products
  • Fully removable mattress cover with machine washable cover

Here is an extract of the test carried out by Que choisir :

The Cocolatex baby nursery mattress by Kadolis stands out from its competitors because of its composition, since it is made only of natural materials: a core of coconut fiber of 7 cm covered by a layer of latex of 3 cm for a density of 71 kg/m3 and a ticking, machine washable, polyester (this deviation from natural materials allows to pass the non-fire standard without adding chemicals) and Tencel (based on wood pulp), all for a weight of 6.6 kg and a thickness of 13 cm. The objective, according to the manufacturer, is to offer a comfortable, breathable mattress without chemical treatment.