One might think that in hot weather, taking off the sheets is the solution to be less hot and sleep better. But it seems that even if the temperature exceeds 25 degrees at night, keeping a sheet allows you to sleep better.

Sleeping with a light sheet makes it easier to sleep in summer

If in hot weather, some people like to sleep with nothing on, this feeling of "nakedness" can sometimes be unpleasant. In fact, covering yourself with a simple sheet allows you to feel reassured and soothed to spend better nights. This is true for adults as well as for children and babies. It seems that the weight of a sheet or comforter cover can reduce anxiety.

For newborns who are too hot and can’t fall asleep, it’s best to have them sleep in a bodysuit or simply in a diaper, but in a light sleeping bag. Organic Cotton muslin sleeping bags are best, as they allow for good air circulation and help regulate temperature. As swaddling can reassure newborns, the sleeping bag allows toddlers to feel like in a cocoon.

For children and adults, choose a flat sheet in Organic Cotton and a comforter cover in linen and Organic Cotton (to be used without the comforter of course!). Sleeping with light pyjamas or just underwear but under a sheet allows you to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

In summer, choose bed linen made of natural materials

Bed linen made of natural materials is always preferable, but even more so in the summer season. Indeed, synthetic materials do not let the air circulate and cause excessive perspiration which is harmful to sleep.

Organic Cotton, linen or Tencel are breathable materials, which allow not only a good air circulation but also a good evacuation of moisture, we sweat much less and we sleep better.

To protect the mattress, choose a breathable underpad that blocks moisture while allowing air to circulate. Unlike PVC covers that trap air and cause excessive sweating, covers containing polyurethane provide an ideal sleeping temperature

During the hottest part of the summer season, remember to air out the room during the coolest part of the day and close the blinds when it is hot to try to maintain a comfortable temperature.