The cold weather has arrived, the nights are getting colder and colder, and every night slipping into a comfortable bed and under a warm comforter becomes a real pleasure. But what about the little ones?

How should baby be covered while sleeping?

First of all, you need to know one very important thing: baby is more afraid of the heat than the cold. Indeed, while a slightly low temperature does not disturb baby’s sleep, hyperthermia can be dangerous. To check that your baby is not too hot, just touch him, his body should be warm but his hands should remain cool, if they are red and hot, your child is too covered or the temperature of the room is too high.

For the best sleep, dress your baby in a long-sleeved bodysuit and sleepwear and put him in a sleeveless sleeping bag. The temperature of the room should be set at 18°.

Make sure you air the room every day, even if it’s freezing! It’s important to renew the air, evacuate the CO2 that we release while sleeping, and drive out bacteria.

Unless baby is sick, no need for a hot water bottle or a heating blanket, too hot, too dangerous and not at all ecological!

The sleeping bag, the essential article to ensure baby a secure sleep

Before the age of 18 months, the use of a comforter is strongly discouraged to avoid any risk of suffocation, the child could indeed find himself buried under the comforter without being able to discover himself. The use of a pillow is also contraindicated for toddlers, who must sleep flat.

For the coldest period of the year, choose a winter sleeping bag with a TOG of 2.5 (suitable for rooms heated between 16° and 18°). It allows to cover baby’s body while leaving him free of his movements and assuring him a maximum of safety. The sleeveless sleeping bags are more comfortable and allow a better regulation of the child’s temperature during sleep. With this type of sleeping bag, baby can suck his thumb and go back to sleep without you having to intervene!

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