When you move into a new house or apartment, the priority is often the layout and decoration of the living room and the kitchen (often open), in fact, it is the room where you will receive your friends, where you will meet with your family, in short the most important room of your home.

But another room deserves all your attention, especially if you want to sleep well, it is your bedroom. There is no question of neglecting the layout under the pretext that you only sleep there, precisely to sleep well you must choose each element of the room with great care.

How to arrange your bedroom to sleep better?

Choose your bed

The standard size of a bed is 140x190 cm but let’s face it, it is much more comfortable to sleep in a 160x200 cm or even 180x200 cm bed! A wider bed allows you to be perfectly comfortable as a couple without getting in the way, and by choosing agood quality mattress you can enjoy perfect sleeping independence so that the movements of one person do not wake the other! For more convenience, especially if you move often, you can also opt for 2 independent mattresses (2x80 cm or 2x90 cm) covered by a single fitted sheet.

Choose a warm and light comforter

It is often a source of disagreement, because within a couple each one has different needs of heat, one is always hot, the other is always cold, one wants to sleep with the window open while the other increases the heating! So what is the solution? Do like the Scandinavians and use 2 comforters? An efficient solution but not very glamorous, so why not opt for a bi-density comforter ? A comforter that has a warm and thick side for those who are cold and a thinner and lighter side for those who are always warm. Once covered with a nice comforter cover, this difference is totally unnoticeable, only you will feel the difference!


Take care of the decoration of your bedroom

For your bedroom to be a room where calm and serenity reign, you need to declutter! Opt for a pure decoration in the most natural style possible for a soothing effect.

Banish the many decorative objects placed on the dresser, the dirty laundry on the floor and the books overflowing on the night table. Tidy up! The bedroom should not be messy at all because visual clutter creates disorder in your mind and can create sleep disorders! For thebed linen choose soft and natural materials, warm and soothing colors.

Why not plants in the bedroom?

Contrary to popular belief, plants are not harmful in a bedroom, they do not absorb all the oxygen! Some plants are even beneficial for sleep, such as lavender, with its recognized soothing properties, but also jasmine, rosemary, sansevieria and ivy. These plants help purify the air by transforming harmful substances into oxygen. But don’t forget to air out every day!