For adults, quality sleep allows them to face the day with a full complement of energy.

For children, good sleep facilitates development and learning. Insufficient or poor quality sleep can have a catastrophic effect on the physical and mental health and development of children.

How do I know if my child has slept well?

To know if your child has slept well, some signs are easy to observe:

- He has trouble getting up in the morning

- He is moody, irritable, even aggressive and cries easily

- He/she loses interest in everything and has trouble concentrating

- He/she often gets sick

- He may eat less or gain weight

The benefits of quality sleep for children

By ensuring that your child sleeps well, you are helping to

- Reinforce his learning process

- Better manage their emotions

- Improve their concentration throughout the day

- Improve physical development

- Strengthen their immune system

While a child is sleeping, his brain is working, it is during this period that all the learning of the day is memorized. It is also during sleep that neurons connect to better control emotions and improve the precision of gestures.

Finally, during sleep, the immune system is strengthened and the hormones that allow children to grow are released.

On the other hand, lack of sleep increases the level of cortisol, a hormone that acts both on stress and weight gain. Some studies have shown the close relationship between lack of sleep (less than 9 hours per night) and excess weight.

Better sleep with natural materials

To ensure a better sleep for your child, start by investing in a quality mattress, preferably a natural mattress, without any chemical treatment to avoid sleep fumes during sleep. Choose a comforter and a pillow made of natural materials and guaranteed without chemical treatment and offer him a pretty bed linen set in organic cotton, softer and more respectful of sensitive skins. Don't forget the bedtime ritual, which includes quiet time, reading and cuddling. If necessary, diffuse lavender essential oil in the room to soothe and facilitate sleep.