Packing for the trip to the maternity ward is a moment that all mothers look forward to. The most anxious ones will be ready to leave as early as the 5th month of pregnancy, the late ones will prepare their things during the first contractions! It is best to start packing at the beginning of the 8th month, to be sure not to forget anything and above all to be able to leave in a hurry!

Preparing your suitcase in advance will limit stress and ensure you don’t forget anything.

It is best to separate the things you need for the delivery room from those you will use for the rest of your stay. Therefore, plan a small bag in which you will put a nightgown or a large T-shirt, a pair of socks because your feet often get cold when you are lying down without moving, and you can’t be sexy in all circumstances! Take a spray bottle to cool you down because you will not be allowed to drink, and possibly something to listen to (headphones and smartphone). Do not forget your medical file and your identity papers.

For baby, plan two bodies and two pyjamas in birth size and in 1 month (we do not know in advance what size the baby will be...), prefer the crossed bodies easier to put on, socks and a birth cap because babies lose a lot of heat through their head. You should know that even if it is hot in the delivery room or in the bedroom, it is still much cooler than in mum’s tummy!

For the stay, plan comfortable but elegant clothes, you are going to receive visitors, so you might as well make a little effort to be a pretty mom, also take a little makeup, it can be useful!

For baby, plan on 6 or 7 onesies, the same amount of pyjamas, 2 or 3 bras, one or 2 sleeping bags, socks, a good pack of bibs and a blanket! Don’t forget to bring a pack of nappies as they are not always provided by the maternity hospital. For washing, choose a soft washing gel and certified organic if possible.

For the return home, bring a angel’s nest car seat adapter or a blanket to cover baby.