The birth of a baby is a great joy for the whole family. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and family can't wait to see the little angel who will share their lives. So everyone wants to celebrate the event in style and find the perfect gift for the newborn. Here are some ideas for practical and enjoyable gifts for the newest member of the family.

What are the best gifts for newborns?

The first thing to know is that gifts for newborns should be useful for both the baby and the family. With a newborn in the house, and even more so if it's the first, everything gets a little crazier. That's why gifts that make it easier for the baby to adapt to his or her new life are always appreciated.

Give quality clothes to keep baby comfortable.

Babies grow up fast, and even if parents have prepared their baby's wardrobe before he or she arrives, it's more than likely that they'll only have bought clothes for the first three months at most. Clothes are therefore the ideal gift for a newborn. You can buy clothes in 3-month sizes, socks, mittens, hats, bodysuits, onesies, pyjamas... the variety is endless. But don't forget that a baby's skin is very delicate, and that the materials from which baby clothes are made must care for and protect the skin to avoid rashes and discomfort for the newborn. The best option is undoubtedly organic cotton, as no chemicals are used in the whole process and it's much softer to the touch. What's more, there are many products made from organic cotton, so it will be very easy to find them.

Swaddling clothes

Another infallible gift for newborns that's always the right choice is swaddling clothes. They prove to be parents' most precious companions in caring for their baby. Versatile, they are a must-have in the changing bag, and can be used as a bib, a towel to protect the shoulders during burping, a blanket or even a changing mat for when baby is on the move. This little piece of fabric is invaluable both at home and away from home. It can also be placed in the crib, under baby's head, to protect the fitted sheet.

Choose a practical gift like a sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is a must-have for every household with babies. Any parent who has had children and used them knows this. A sleeping bag is the most useful and comfortable gift for a newborn, as it will not only be used for a few months, but will also keep the child well covered during sleeping hours. There are winter, summer and shoulder sleeping bags. They're practical, comfortable, easy to wash, easy to open for changing, and they also protect the baby. And, of course, you can also find them in organic cotton.

Soft toys: a gift that never fails

It's possible that the comforter you least expect is the one your baby loves the most. For him, it's not the physical aspect that's important, but the touch and peace of mind it gives him. A cuddly toy is the perfect gift for a newborn, and the importance it acquires is apt. With them, they feel safe, calm and accompanied when their mom isn't around. It's important to remember that the comforter will be in direct contact with their skin, which is why you can also choose organic cotton comforter.

Choosing a quality cot

For close family members, especially grandmothers, gifts for newborns are of great importance. They want it to be practical, durable and very useful for their children and grandchildren...

That's why cribs are usually the gift of first choice. It's good to know that there are different options, sizes and materials that will make your baby's room the perfect place to rest.