Swaddling is an ancestral technique widely used throughout the world that has come back in force in recent years. In Europe, some parents have difficulty in reviving this technique, yet it could provide a solution to the sleep problems of toddlers. But some rules must be respected to ensure the safety of newborns.

What are the benefits of swaddling?

The swaddling technique consists of wrapping the child in a swaddling cloth so that he feels as protected as in his mother's womb. Once swaddled, the baby remembers the sensations he had in the womb, so he is perfectly soothed and falls asleep more easily.
In addition, during sleep, babies are often awakened by uncontrolled arm movements, a reflex called Moro's reflex, which wakes babies up with a start. Swaddling reduces these movements, so baby sleeps peacefully.
This technique reassures anxious babies, it avoids the feeling of emptiness around them and allows them to be calmer. It can also be effective for children suffering from colic.

Putting baby in a swaddle

While swaddling is often beneficial in calming babies, it should obviously be limited to sleep time and during the day under parental supervision. It is important that during waking moments, the child remains free to move around so that he can relate to the outside world.but swaddling should not be done in any way, certain rules must be respected and it is important to master the technique so that the baby is perfectly at ease.first of all,
pediatricians do not advise wrapping baby in an upright position, like a mummy, because this position is not physiological and can accentuate an already existing problem of hip dislocation.
For an ideal swaddle, it's best to keep the upper body bundled together fairly tightly with the hands close to the face, and to keep the lower body looser so that the fabric is looser and baby can move his legs slightly. The benefits of swaddling will not be diminished, in fact another soothing technique is to hold the child's hands on his chest with one hand on his head.

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Swaddling safety rules

This technique is best used during the day, at nap time and when you can supervise your child. It is not advisable to swaddle your baby at night to avoid the risk of suffocation.
also, a baby wrapped in a blanket can become too warm, which can increase the risk of sudden death. It is therefore imperative to use a lightweight, breathable diaper to facilitate air circulation and limit temperature increase.if you choose to wrap your baby in a swaddling cloth, you absolutely must not add a sleeping bag or a comforter! A simple bodysuit under the swaddle is enough to cover baby.once
swaddled, the child should obviously be lying on his back on a firm baby mattress
or in a bouncer on the floor.

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This soothing technique should only be used during the first few weeks, we advise to stop swaddling a baby around 8-10 weeks. But all babies are different, some newborns will appreciate finally being able to move their limbs as soon as they are born, while others will need the comforting sensation of swaddling for a long time.
In any case, as soon as your baby is able to roll over onto his or her stomach, swaddling should be stopped immediately.

If you are not familiar with the swaddling technique, this video may help you: