For decades, we have heard statements about sleep, so preconceived ideas or beliefs, it is sometimes difficult to disentangle the true from the false.

Hours before midnight count double

It is not the hours before midnight that are important but the first part of the night, because sleep intensity is more important at the beginning of the night, the quality of sleep during the first three hours is better, but that does not mean that the following hours are useless.

Insomnia is a sign of stress

Not always, it is true that anxious people are more likely than others to sleep poorly, but there are also other factors that influence the quality of sleep, such as respiratory problems for example, and people with "restless legs" syndrome also have difficulty sleeping even if they are not necessarily stressed.

The snorers are deeply asleep

Alas no! Especially people who suffer from sleep apnea, this problem affects more people than we think, the sleeper does not always realize it but he is awake every time he stops breathing, that is to say several hundred times a night ! and we are not talking about the quality of sleep of the snorer’s spouse !

The night is made for sleeping

Unfortunately, some jobs sometimes require us to work at night, which can ultimately affect the quality of our sleep, but the quality of daytime sleep is always lower because of the light, noise and the fact that our bodies are not designed to sleep as long in the day as at night.