Long working days, ambient stress, depressing news, overwork, contribute to accentuate our tiredness but nevertheless, when bedtime comes, many of us feel difficulties to fall asleep. Why is this? Precisely because we have difficulty "disconnecting our brain".

Here are a few techniques that will help you fall asleep easily.

Relaxation to fall asleep easily

Just as children need a certain ritual before going to sleep, adults may need a "conditioning" before going to bed. A mental conditioning that will make it easier to fall asleep.

Put on a comfortable indoor outfit, then depending on your affinities, you can set up a meditation session, a small yoga session, a quiet moment where you drink a soothing herbal tea while reading a good book, or take a warm shower that will relax your muscles.

In any case, choose something that makes you happy and ends the day with a positive activity.

The notebook technique to free your mind before sleeping

Make sure you have a small notebook on your bedside table where you can write down everything that comes to mind before going to sleep, because it is often the parasitic thoughts that prevent you from finding sleep.

You live at 100 miles an hour all day long, so when you settle down at the end of the day, all the thoughts come flooding in and keep you awake.

Write down on a notebook, a real paper notebook and not a tablet or a computer, everything that worries you, everything that you are afraid to forget the next day, so you can go to bed with a free mind and fall asleep more easily.

You can also note on this notebook what were the positive moments of the day (there are inevitably some!), in order to end the day on a positive note.