Staying at home, whether or not you continue your professional activity, can create a disturbance in our biological clock. Our daily routine is disrupted, our stress can be increased, and therefore our sleep can be disturbed. To avoid sleep problems, it is important to establish a daily routine.

Set up a schedule

To ensure quality sleep, it is important to start by getting up at a set time, no question of sleeping in every day! Set your alarm clock and get up at the same time every day during the week.

During the day, stick to the schedule you have set for the whole week, whether it’s a telework schedule or a schedule to do everything you never have time to do normally: tidy up papers, sort clothes, do homework with the kids, play sports...

In the evening, plan quiet activities and think about avoiding screens, even more so in this period of confinement because the information available on social networks can quickly become anxiety-provoking.

Why do we sleep less when we stay at home?

To get quality sleep, our body needs a contrast between day and night. Not only in terms of brightness, but also in terms of our activity. The day is made to be active and the night to rest. Lack of activity during the day can therefore quickly become a brake on falling asleep.

Stress also increases insomnia and in this period, a certain anxiety is very present. Added to this is promiscuity with the spouse and children. In addition to our daily tasks, we also have the role of a teacher to help the children with their homework...

Tips for overcoming sleep problems

The rules concerning the layout of the room are always and even more current. A tidy, quiet room, where the temperature does not exceed 20°. No TV or computer in the room, rediscover the pleasure of reading! If you have to work in your room, put your computer away every night to clear your mind and not stay in "work" mode all night long.

To create an atmosphere conducive to sleep do not hesitate to spray a soothing pillow mist on your sheets a few minutes before going to sleep.

Respect even more scrupulously the following rules of hygiene:

- If you take a nap after lunch, it should never exceed 20 minutes...

- Stopping the consumption of stimulants after 3pm

- Light dinner and do not drink alcohol

- Drink a soothing herbal tea one hour before going to sleep.