To be in good shape we need to sleep well and long enough to recharge our batteries. For the past fifty years, the French have been sleeping less, due to screens (computers, tablets and smarphones), stress from work and our often busy schedules. It has been scientifically demonstrated that a lack of restful sleep can have disastrous consequences on health, so it is essential to identify certain signs that should alert us.

You suffer from concentration problems

Do you have trouble concentrating or paying attention? Do you regularly forget something? Do you make mistakes at work? Do you have difficulty making decisions? Lack of sleep is probably the cause. React without delay, especially if you drive, because inattention at the wheel is a source of accidents!

You are irritable

You take everything at face value, you get angry over nothing, you "go off live" at the slightest remark? Do small everyday tasks become insurmountable, whereas when you are in good shape, they are a mere formality? You lack sleep. Studies have shown that one hour less of sleep during a week leads to a radical change in mood and can even be the cause of depression!
According to Dr. Royant-Parola, "Emotional regulation occurs during sleep. Sleep deprivation increases the emotional level".

Your memory is failing you

During the day, you have gaps in your memory? It is necessary to know that the work of memorization is done during sleep, if this one misses or if it is of bad quality, the memory weakens...

You doze off during the day

You wake up tired? This may be a sign that your mattress needs to be changed, or that your sleep quality is poor.
Do you feel tired during the day, with frequent "bouts of fatigue" and sudden urges to sleep? Are you clumsy and drop everything you touch? Go to bed!

2-seater mattress

Sleeping problems can sometimes be caused by a mattress that is too old. The lifespan of a mattress is about 10 years, beyond that it can be the cause of night wakings and back pain. Prefer mattresses containing natural materials and guaranteed without chemical treatments to preserve a healthy environment in your room.

You are often sick

When you don't get enough sleep, your immune defenses decrease and you catch all the viruses that are around! So if you notice that you have a constant cold and that the stomach flu has invaded your home, sleep more!

You are always shivering and cold

This may be a sign of a sleep problem because it is during this period that your body temperature is regulated.

You sometimes have a feeling of uneasiness

When you don't get enough sleep, you may experience short-lived discomfort, a feeling of emptiness or dizziness. These signs can occur after a "sleepless" night due to children waking up several times a night or a late night.

To improve the quality of your sleep, start by giving yourself a moment of relaxation after dinner, swap your smartphone for a good book and enjoy a soothing herbal tea, and as soon as the first signs of sleepiness appear, go to bed quickly!