In our grandmothers’ time, when a baby cried, they would say "let him cry, he has to do his lungs! ». Fortunately today the mentality of mothers has evolved and we do not let babies cry in their bed without reacting! But for all that, we don’t always know what to do to calm them down.

First of all, you need to know that before he can speak, crying is the only way for baby to express himself. You must first check that he is not sick (fever, toothache, colic ...) especially if he cries different from those he usually makes.

Even if your baby is not ill, he may still have some reasons to cry: he may be hungry, cold or too hot, his nappy may be dirty, he may be bored in his bouncer, he may need to suckle, he may be anxious and need comforting...

In any case you must pay attention to him and try to calm his cries. You can try one of the following solutions:

- Put on some music, some babies like classical music, others "New York New York", try different styles, you are bound to find a melody that will calm him, or sing him a lullaby, it’s as old as time but it works!

- Massage him, babies love to be massaged (mums do too!...). Install baby comfortably on a nappy and massage him with a natural oil, this massage will give him a feeling of well-being and soothing. A belly massage is also very effective against colic.

- Take a walk around the neighbourhood in a stroller or carry your baby in a baby carrier while you continue your activities.

Give your baby a bath, as water often helps babies to relax and regain the sensations they had in utero.

If, despite all these attempts, you still can’t calm your child, it’s probably because he needs to cry to release the tension accumulated during the day. Have you ever felt like screaming to release your stress?