The moment of buying a baby mattress is always delicate because newborns have very particular needs and it is sometimes difficult to find your way among the multitude of mattresses available on the market.

Here are the five mistakes not to make when buying a baby mattress

- The first mistake: not checking the size of the bed. There are mainly two sizes of bed in France: baby bed 60x120cm or baby bed 70x140cm. It is important to choose a mattress with the exact dimensions of the bed so that there is no space between the bed frame and the mattress, in order to ensure the child's safety.

- The second mistake: choosing a mattress that is too soft or too pliable. Most pediatricians agree that a baby mattress should be firm with a comfortable layer of support, but not too soft so that the baby does not sink into the mattress, thus limiting the risk of suffocation.

- The third mistake: not choosing a removable baby mattress. Indeed, during baby's life, accidents can happen and it is essential to be able to remove the cover of the mattress to be able to wash it, in machine or at a professional. By choosing a removable baby mattress, it is possible to ensure the maintenance to keep a healthy mattress. Of course, a waterproof mattress cover is necessary to protect the mattress.

- The fourth mistake is not to check the cover (also called mattress cover) for chemicals. Indeed, many brands treat mattresses with chemical products that are supposed to improve baby's comfort when in fact they are chemical treatments that are harmful to health (insecticides, anti-allergenic, flame retardant or anti-bacterial). Chemically treated mattresses should be strictly avoided for baby.

- Finally, the fifth mistake: choosing a baby mattress made of synthetic material (foam core and polyester cover).
Indeed, these non-breathable mattresses cause excessive sweating in babies, which is much more important than in natural fiber mattresses. Choose a baby mattress with a core made of coconut fibre and natural latex covered with a Tencel cover, a natural fibre made from wood pulp with thermoregulatory properties.

A baby who sweats less wakes up less often during the night, he sleeps better and his parents too!