In summer, everyone is happy when the weather is nice and warm during the day, but it gets complicated at night... Indeed, the heat splits the sleep and to sleep well when it is 30° is often difficult, particularly for the toddlers.

Our sleep is made up of several phases and during the last phase (REM sleep), temperature regulation is less efficient, so the brain goes to safety and programs... the alarm clock. To avoid waking up too often, the body temperature must be lowered as much as possible.

Here are a few tips for better sleep:

Drink a lot. But only water! Avoid alcohol in the evening because it increases the body temperature and breaks up sleep. Also avoid stimulating drinks such as tea or coffee after 4 pm.

Eat lightly in the evening as digestion increases body temperature

Take a lukewarm shower before going to sleep without drying off completely. Contrary to what you might think, a cold shower is not recommended because the body will then start a warming process, so lukewarm water is preferable.

Enjoy the evening. There is no point in going to bed early if you are not going to sleep well. It is better to go to bed later in order to have a shorter but more restful sleep, even if it means taking a little nap after lunch if possible!

Keep the bedroom as cool as possible by leaving the shutters closed but leaving the window open to air out well.

Opt for bed linen made of natural materials, which are more breathable and limit excessive sweating.

Especially for babies:

Encourage sources of humidity in the bedroom as sleep is better in a humid atmosphere. Moisten curtains or hang damp linen in the room.

Avoid using the air conditioning or fan at night, otherwise you’ll catch a cold!

Choose your bed linen carefully. Opt for cotton fitted sheets or a breathable fitted sheet containing TENCEL™ Lyocell, a naturally air-conditioning material that feels cool in summer and warm in winter.

To cool your child you can use a misting machine and spray water on their arms and legs.

As long as the temperature does not exceed 25°, you can have your baby sleep in a diaper in a light sleeping bag. Above 25°, a cotton bodysuit will suffice.

Have a good summer and good nights!