During the holidays it is a party, it is sunny, it is hot, aperitifs, barbecues with family or friends, we go to bed later... The children also enjoy this excitement and whatever their age, they have difficulty accepting to go to bed and have difficulty falling asleep... But when school starts, we will have to postpone everyone !

During the holidays the rhythm is shifted, no watch, you eat when you are hungry, you sleep when you want to sleep without worrying about what time it is, but at the beginning of the school year it is over, the children and adults have to respect the constraints and schedules, for the little ones who are making their first start in kindergarten, it will also be necessary to get used to a new place: school, they will also have to listen to the teacher and meet many other children, a real disruption that can be in the classroom.

To prepare the child for sleep, it is necessary to favour calm activities, no television or other screens, no sports activities just before going to sleep, a bath to relax, a family meal (in peace!) and the reading of a beautiful story, do not forget that the famous bedtime ritualwith a cuddly toy is very important!!!!!

For the most reluctant who don’t want to stay in bed, who call or cry, don’t give in to it! go see what’s going on to make sure everything’s fine but explain to the child that it’s time to sleep, that he needs sleep to grow up well and to be in shape the next day. don’t give in to the temptation to systematically take him in your arms or put him to sleep in your bed, because children quickly develop bad habits!