During the holidays, the aim is to break with the routine, no timetable, we go to bed later, we get up later, meal times are also shifted, holidays I forget everything... !
With the children it’s the same thing, they learn to sleep differently, the nap is often shifted because lunch is later. When they spend the holidays with their grandparents, the cousins all sleep together in the same room, in short it’s a party!

But when the school year starts, it is important that everything returns to normal, and this is where things get complicated because when the rules change during the holidays, the children inevitably contest the return to rigour...
Do not think that good habits will return in two days, it takes a week (more or less depending on the child) to get back to a "normal" rhythm.

For toddlers, it is important to re-establish the nap, believing that by missing the nap the child will sleep better in the evening is a mistake, in fact excess fatigue delays sleep.
It is therefore essential to resume regular schedules : children need a structured life because routine gives them a feeling of security.

Mealtimes and bedtimes must be fixed, and regular sleep also depends on where the child sleeps, so make sure he or she always sleeps in the same bed, in a nice sleeping bag and in the same room.
Finally, stay firm! To avoid conflicts with your children at bedtime, it is important to establish a ritual but also strict rules: a story, a kiss, a cuddly toy and go to bed.

Note that for this to work, both parents must follow the same rules, otherwise the children will quickly take advantage of the loophole...