In the summer, when temperatures rise and it's very hot, babies may have trouble falling asleep and become restless. Then September comes and everything returns to normal until, unfortunately, fall arrives with its viruses and "cold snaps." What to do if your baby has a cold and can't sleep?

Here are some tips to help them get a good night's sleep even if they have a stuffy nose or are cranky.

Blocked noses in newborns, a cause of nighttime awakenings!

Did you know that babies up to the age of six months cannot breathe through their mouths? This is because their respiratory system is not yet developed. Until the age of two, babies breathe mainly through their nose.
It is therefore important to keep the nose clear so that they can breathe without difficulty. Even so, it's normal for babies to have nasal congestion at times due to a cold or flu, as well as any upper respiratory infection. A blocked nose can also be caused by a dry atmosphere in the room due to heating

How do you wash your baby's nose?

The purpose of nasal cleansing is to promote good nasal ventilation for better breathing. In addition, you will avoid the accumulation of mucus and the development of other conditions such as ear infections or sinusitis. To do this, we recommend using natural products such as saline or sea water. Saline is not a medicine, so you can use it as often as needed. Seawater has different concentrations of sodium chloride. After undergoing purification and sterilization processes, the water retains all its minerals and trace elements to naturally decongest the nasal mucosa.

First, lay the baby on his side on the changing table. Try to make him comfortable and relaxed. Before you start washing, give your baby a little massage or cuddle. It's important that he or she stays still, so if you find this difficult, ask someone else to help. Apply saline solution to the upper nostril. Some of the secretions will be expelled. Then repeat the same steps with the other nostril.

The best time to do nasal washes is when your child is calm, such as after a bath or just before bedtime. To make your child feel better, you can repeat this process several times a day.

Breathing better means resting again

During the night, to prevent nasal secretions from falling down the throat and causing your child to cough, raise the top of the mattress. However, this does not mean using a pillow or a rolled towel under the mattress.

For this, the best ally is the recliner, because it was specially designed for the comfort and safety of toddlers. with this accessory, the upper body is tilted by about 15°, which is enough to breathe better in case of a cold and to limit regurgitation after a bottle.

If it is important to choose a good bed or a good mattress, it is also important to choose a reclining surface. All Kadolis reclining tops are made of TENCEL™, a naturally anti-bacterial material that requires no chemical treatment.

Make sure that the air in its room is not too dry. Indeed when the heating is on, the air is sometimes too dry, breathing becomes difficult and you need to cough. To avoid this, you can put a bowl of water on the radiator, provided that it is not an electric radiator! Otherwise, you can hang a towel or damp cloth in the room to humidify the atmosphere. Remember to keep your child hydrated, especially if they have a fever. It is sometimes necessary to drink during the night, a child with a fever dehydrates very quickly, so it is very important to make him drink regularly.

A baby with a cold needs cuddles and sleep

Don't make your child sleep in your bed! We know that your protective instincts make you want to watch over your child all night, but it's essential to avoid spreading germs around the house. Don't worry, your baby will be much more comfortable in his own bed. Coming into his room when he needs you is the best thing you can do.

When your baby has a cold, his mood changes. Because of this, he often becomes more affectionate and seeks more affection. Take the opportunity to give your baby a good massage, cuddle him for a while before putting him to bed or extend bath time. Use breathable bedding and an Organic Cotton sleeping bag so that your baby can better regulate his temperature and rest properly.

Rest is one of the fundamental pillars of a child's healthy growth. While his body is fighting viruses, he needs to sleep as well as possible. That's why these tips can help reduce symptoms and improve the room atmosphere so he or she can recover as soon as possible.