Next weekend we are going to spend the winter time, but on the positive side we will sleep one more hour, but the night will fall much earlier....

Be aware that switching to winter time is easier for children than switching to summer time, as they are not likely to be woken up by daylight.

In any case, don’t think that your child will be totally disturbed by this time change, you can already prepare him/her for the change, how?

-By postponing activities by a quarter of an hour a day starting tonight

For an adult, an hour’s delay is not a real concern, especially if you are used to travelling, but for a child, let alone a baby, a one-hour delay is important, so it is advisable to gradually postpone by a quarter of an hour every day for 4 days: change the meal time, nap time, get up, but also the bedtime, so that the child is less disturbed than by a sudden change on D-day.

-By setting all the clocks in the house on Saturday evening when you go to bed, even for adults it is less disturbing to wake up at the right time than to have to change the clocks when you wake up.

-For a few weeks you can enjoy more light when you wake up, open the shutters and let the light in, it’s good for your morale!