Even if we talk about global warming, winter is still cold and remains a difficult season to manage in terms of baby clothing. How to cover your child so that he doesn’t get too hot or too cold?

How to dress your baby to go out in winter?

A basic rule: put your child in one more layer than you because he moves less than you do. It is better to put several layers on top of each other rather than one thick layer, so that you can add or remove some clothes in case of temperature variations. For stroller rides, choose a fleece suit to keep baby warm, but remember to remove it as soon as you are in a warm room. For baby carriage rides, opt for an angel’s nest that covers the child’s head and opens fully without waking baby when you get home.

Don’t forget to cover baby’s head with a cap because toddlers lose a lot of their body heat through their head.
Don’t forget to cover his feet with socks and warm shoes such as small furry boots.

Beware of the car where the temperature can sometimes rise very quickly, it is advisable to remove the driver’s suit and heavy jacket in the car seat and cover the child with a blanket that will be easy to remove if he gets too hot.

How to cover baby during the night in winter?

Rule #1: Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you should overheat your baby’s room. A child’s room should always remain between 16° and 20° but not more so as not to disturb the child’s sleep or endanger his health. Make sure that the bed is not placed near a heating source.

Prefer bed linen made of natural materials that are healthier and more breathable, as they facilitate temperature regulation.

For the pyjamas, prefer a one-piece pyjama rather than a two-piece pyjama so that the child does not have the air in the stomach. To accentuate the heat you can put under the pyjamas a cotton bodysuit with short or long sleeves depending on the temperature of the room.

The essential accessory to ensure baby’s nights totally secure from birth is the sleeping bag. Choose a winter sleeping bag (TOG 2.5) made of Organic Cotton that allows good air circulation to limit excessive sweating, which is often the cause of night-time awakenings in children. Under no circumstances should you use a heated blanket in a child’s bed, as these blankets can be dangerous.

From 18 months onwards, baby can sleep with a duvet made of natural materials covered with a nice duvet cover.