Gone are the days when you went on vacation or on a weekend getaway with friends or lovers. Since baby is here, no more improvisation, you have to plan and get organized! When you go on vacation in the mountains, it is imperative to plan the most practical items for meals, washing, walking and sleeping.

What are the essentials for traveling with baby?

Getting around easily with baby

Traveling with baby is often easier with a baby carrier than with a stroller, it allows you to move around more easily, especially in narrow streets and places with many stairs. If you go to the mountains, the baby carrier will often be more practical than the stroller. Moreover, it offers a direct contact with baby which allows to keep him warm.

If you’re taking a newborn with you, try to bring a baby carriage so that your baby can enjoy long naps in the open air while lying down. Check the quality of your baby carriage’s mattress, if necessary replace the existing mattress with a real quality baby carriage mattress

Give your baby quality sleep even on vacation

In order to offer your child the same quality of sleep on vacation as at home, choose a quality folding mattress, thick enough to offer good support. Choose a travel mattress made of natural materials that allow air to circulate perfectly for better evacuation of perspiration. With a quality mattress, baby will feel less disturbed by the change of bedding.

So that your child is not disturbed by the change, take his own bed linen and sleeping bag with you. He will find familiar smells and will fall asleep more easily.

Warm clothes for baby

For vacations in the mountains, bring enough warm clothes. Think of long-sleeved bodysuits under the clothes and do not hesitate to superimpose layers of clothing. At altitude, the pilot suit is essential, choose it with mittens and integrated booties.

Don’t forget the hat that will prevent your baby from getting cold (babies lose heat mainly through their heads). Bring a small blanket to cover baby in his car seat or outside if it is windy. Don’t forget sunglasses because the sun’s rays can be dangerous for children’s eyes in the snow.