Choosing the best for your child is often choosing natural products, both in terms of food and clothing, bedding or toiletries, babies often have fragile and reactive skin, it is prone to redness and itching in case of contact with irritants or simply synthetic materials, and babies’ fragile skin can also react when in contact with chemicals applied to certain textiles.

In the field of sleep, some items may be treated with chemical anti-mite and anti-bacterial treatments, which can cause skin or respiratory tract irritation in allergic or very sensitive children, which is why it is preferable to choose items intended for sleep without any chemical treatment.

Also choose 100% natural materials to minimize the risk of allergies and skin reactions, when shopping, be sure to check the composition of the items you are buying for your child, and choose items that are OEKO-TEX® certified and guaranteed without added chemical treatment. OEKO-TEX® certification guarantees the absence of undesirable substances for health and skin.

A practical reminder: remember to ventilate your baby’s room daily, even in the middle of winter, to renew the air.