Premature babies are, at the beginning of their lives, more fragile than full-term babies, and should not be overprotected, but care should be taken to ensure a good quality of sleep and to protect them against external infections because their immune defences are weaker.

To care for a premature baby, it is not necessary to sanitize the whole environment, but simple hygiene measures should be adopted, such as washing your hands regularly before and after caring for your child, ensuring a healthy environment by regularly ventilating your room and living room, and changing and washing your clothes, bibs and bed linens regularly.

For a premature baby, the rules of use of the nursery are even more true, so it is essential to respect the following advice:

Opt for a mattress made of natural materials guaranteed without any chemical treatment

Choose bed linen (sheet and fitted sheet) made of Organic Cotton, Tencel or bamboo, which are ultra soft materials and help to limit the proliferation of bacteria and dust mites.

Ensure good body heat with a sleeping bag adapted to your baby’s size, choose a premature sleeping bag to avoid being lost in a conventional sleeping bag 0-6 months, choose it in natural material to avoid any risk of allergic reaction and excessive perspiration, materials such as Tencel keep baby warm and light so as not to hinder his movements, a duvet would be dangerous, on the one hand by the risk of suffocation, on the other hand because it would be too heavy and excessive sweating.

Do not overheat the room, the temperature must be between 18° and 20°.

Do not overload the cuddly toy bed, only one is allowed to sleep with it: its cuddly toy!

Keep animals away from baby and avoid sleeping in the child’s room at all costs.

Don’t smoke in the house!