There is a lot of talk about it right now, plagiocephaly... It’s called flat head syndrome, which has been on the rise for the last 30 years and is caused by exclusive back sleeping, and according to some studies at least 20% of newborns are affected by this syndrome, which could lead to health problems as the child grows up, but how to avoid plagiocephaly since it’s always advisable to put baby to bed on his back?

Some inclined planes made of shape memory foam prevent this problem, while visco-elastic foam softens when in contact with body heat and prevents the risk of flat heads in toddlers, and raises the upper body by 15°, making it easier for babies to digest and breathe in the event of a cold.

Some doctors recommend alternating back and side sleeping, alternating each side, some recommend changing the position of the crib in the room regularly so that it is interested in different things and changes the orientation of its head, or you can hang a mobile phone by changing its position regularly so that baby turns his head in different positions.

Avoid leaving baby too long in the couch where the position of his head is blocked, opt instead for carrying in a physiological baby carrier or sling that allows baby to sleep by varying the positions without constantly having his head supported, while carrying allows close contact between the child and the carrier (father or mother) that promotes his psychomotor development.

Finally, if you notice that your baby always turns his head to the same side when he is lying down but also in a sitting position or in the baby carrier, it may be because he has a torticollis, in which case a visit to the osteopath may be necessary.