Preparing your maternity suitcase is an important step, what to bring for yourself and your baby, what are the essentials, should you bring the same things if you give birth in the summer?

Here is a list of essential items to remember in your maternity suitcase:

For your future baby:

5 or 6 Organic Cotton pyjamas softer for the skin and naturally anti-allergic

5 or 6 short sleeved bodies also made of Organic Cotton

1 cotton birth cap because even in summer it can be useful to prevent baby from cooling down.

1 summer sleeping bag (without padding) if possible in natural and breathable material

Cotton socks to keep little feet warm

Cotton nappies that will be used as bibs, blankets, cuddly toys


If you want to dress baby from the maternity wardrobe, also think about taking 2 or 3 outfits

For you:

2 or 3 pyjamas or nightgowns that can be opened to the front if you want to breastfeed

1 pair of slippers (or ballerinas to be more elegant!)

5 comfortable outfits (t-shirt + leggings or shirt + comfortable pants)

Disposable underwear (not sexy but essential!)

3 nursing bras

Your toilet bag

Don’t be afraid to bring too many clothes, during the first few days baby needs to be changed often, and so do you if it’s very hot!