The Montessori method is an open education method where children are encouraged to learn by themselves. Its goal is to encourage the child's autonomy and to encourage them to be on their own. To apply some of the educational principles of the Montessori Method at home, particularly in terms of sleeping arrangements and bedroom design, here are some tips.

Encourage children to go to bed

The Montessori principle is to help the child to do everything by himself, so everything must be at his level, in his room as well as in the bathroom, in the entrance to hang his coat.

The first principle is not to force the child to go to sleep, he must learn to go to bed when he is tired, he must go alone to his bed and get up alone when he is awake. In order for the child to be able to go to bed alone, the bed must be accessible, so no bed with bars but a mattress placed directly on the floor. To ensure that the bed is completely secure, it is advisable to place the mattress in a corner and to secure the rest of the mattress with floor cushions so that the child does not roll on the floor.

Do not use a teepee bed or a mattress on the floor before the age of one year, the child must be able to move on his own, if he falls from the mattress while sleeping, he must be able to return on his own. Before the age of one year, the most secure bedding is the bed with bars.

A mattress on the floor, yes, but be careful about air circulation

When placing the mattress on the floor, it is important to make sure that no condensation forms between the mattress and the floor. Be careful not to place a synthetic foam mattress directly on the floor. The heat released by the child during his sleep would create condensation between the floor and the mattress and the formation of mold.

It is therefore essential to choose a natural mattress that promotes good air circulation. For this the Kadolis Cocolatex mattress is an excellent solution, the coconut fibers ensure a good ventilation and a natural antibacterial and anti-mite side. It is still advisable to position the mattress on an ultra flat bed base, a slatted base through which air can circulate freely.

The Tipi bed, the solution for a playful sleeping area

To create a playful sleep space in your child's room, you can opt for a Tipi bed which combines the advantages of a Montessori bed while creating a play space conducive to imagination. The advantage of the Kadolis Tipi bed is that it has an ultra-flat base, allowing perfect air circulation and good moisture evacuation.

Your child can decorate his bed with garlands, create an Indian tent, a princess bed... Everything is possible! This totally customizable bed allows children to develop their imagination and to create a playful and reassuring sleeping space in which they will feel soothed.

When designing the child's room, be sure to follow certain safety rules. if the Tipi bed is a playful sleeping space, the bed must not be cluttered with stuffed animals and toys when the child sleeps, let's remember that for the child's safety, only his doudou is allowed to share his bed.