Baby has just been born, after 3 or 4 days spent in the maternity ward in a too medicalized environment, you are eager to go home and find yourself with your spouse and baby in your cozy little cocoon... To make everything go well, there are a few rules to follow.

Show your baby your house or apartment, go around the house, room by room explaining what the room is for, show him his room, this new environment is totally new to him, he will need to make it his own and you are there to help him feel good.

Limit the visits, you will certainly receive many visits, friends, family members often wait for the return home of the mother to come and discover the little face of the newborn and offer a gift... If possible try to limit the visits, do not receive everyone the first 15 days under penalty of being totally exhausted ! offer yourself the luxury of spending time together to build the trio dad, mom, baby and consolidate the family.

Get help, there’s no way you’re going to resume your daily activities with baby in your arms, delegate some household chores to Dad so you can take the time to rest and not feel overwhelmed, and you can also allow him to take his place as a father by giving him the opportunity to change baby, give him a bottle, take care of the bath and even get up at night!

If you have a blues outbreak, don’t hesitate to talk to your dad, your doctor, a midwife, baby blues is very common and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it, it’s better to talk about it than it turns into a real postpartum depression that takes much longer to treat...

Take advantage of the moments when baby sleeps to sleep too! we would tend to take advantage of his child’s naps to do housework, laundry, ironing... Stop protecting your health first and foremost and rest, stop feeling guilty and sleep as soon as you feel the need.