All parents agree, when a baby arrives, it is imperative to choose a quality mattress so that the little treasure is comfortably settled and has a good night’s sleep, parents want the best for their baby because they want this fragile little being to have the best possible bed and it is indeed very important to ensure peaceful and restorative nights.

On the other hand, when the child grows up, this interest seems to decrease, but it is not conceivable to choose a mattressIt is not because the child is taller that the quality of sleeping should be less important ! it is essential to choose a quality mattress for your child when switching from a cot to a cot. this is why the quality of the mattress is very important :

The change of bed is an important step for a child, he will leave his cozy little cocoon to go into a big bed, a page is turned, most of the time he is happy with this step towards autonomy but sometimes he has trouble adapting to his new bed, so adaptation will be even more difficult if the mattress is not comfortable!

Your child will spend many years on this new 90x200cm mattress, changing bed around the age of 2 and keeping it until adolescence, so it is imperative to choose a resistant mattress, made of noble materials that will ensure a perfect bed for him during all these years.

Between 2 and 16 years old, your child’s weight will increase from about 12 kg to 60 kg ! its size will double, so the junior mattress must be able to support this evolution.

Choose a mattress made of resistant materials to ensure good support and above all a good longevity to prevent it from collapsing over the years, preferably a mattress made of natural materials for better air circulation, better ventilation and a natural anti-allergic effect.