You have just celebrated the New Year and as every year you have eaten too much, drank too much and not slept enough... The days ahead are therefore going to be difficult ! here are some tips to recover quickly after a sleepless or agitated night !

You can anticipate a too short night by taking a nap the day before: either after lunch or before leaving in the evening around 7pm. If you take a nap of only 20 minutes you can take a little early and be in great shape during the evening!

The next day, don’t plan anything and sleep, even if you come home at 6am, go to bed and try to sleep as long as possible, if you wake up at noon it doesn’t matter for once.

Avoid doping yourself with caffeine and energy drinks to stay awake, these drinks only mask fatigue and are often the cause of bad mood and irritability; it is better to sleep and then to change to regular meal times; drink tea and plenty of water to evacuate toxins instead.

Limit activities, if you are tired after an all-nighter it’s quite normal, so don’t try to fight and stay awake at all costs or you’ll stay tired for the next week ! limit activities, you can go for a walk in the open air (provided you don’t go 20 km...) then go home warm, have a hot drink and take a nap.

The day after an all-nighter, go to bed at the usual time, don’t think that because you’ve slept for part of the day you won’t be able to fall asleep. Your body has been through a ordeal, it must recover!