It is well known that men are from Mars, women are from Venus... Even if we want equality between men and women, there are many subjects on which we do not agree, events to which we do not react in the same way. This is the case for example with the temperature of the bed.

Women are colder than men when they sleep

Most women are always cold when they go to bed and like to snuggle up in a nice, warm comforter, while men prefer thinner comforters and even sleep with the window open! So how do you provide the ideal bedding that suits everyone? The Nordics have found the solution, they use two different comforters so that everyone can choose the comforter that suits them and sleep at the ideal temperature. But whether it is for the glamour or for the practical side, two comforters for one bed is not really ideal!

The solution? The bi-density comforter!

The solution is the bi-density com forter : a comforter that is warmer on one side than the other, a real revolution that will change the lives of couples and reconcile lovers. A single comforter designed with two different fillings to offer a thin and light side for people who can't stand the heat during their sleep and a thicker and warmer side that will suit the most chilly (or chilly...).

The Kadolis Couple Toi & Moi comforter is a real innovation, a single comforter for two different densities. It is easier to position on the bed, it is a real comforter without middle fastener or press studs, wrapped in a comforter cover, it has everything of a double comforter but offers, in addition, a comfort adapted to each need!