We already know that certain colours can influence the quality of our sleep or the sleep of children, but did you know that certain smells would also have this power?

Indeed, a reassuring smell can help very young children to fall asleep, the smell of their blanket for example, which explains why he does not always appreciate that you wash him...

To make it easier for your baby to sleep, you can scent his room slightly with natural essential oils, but in small quantities (be careful not to use essential oils before 3 months), the combination of mandarin and Ravintsara can perfume his room and help him to fall asleep more easily, while other oils recommended to promote sleep are lavender, camomile, rosewood, orange and Petit grain sour cherry (which would be effective against night waking up).

You can also choose toiletries with scents suitable for falling asleep, and for older children, you can use pillow mists based on the essential oils mentioned above.

An experiment was conducted on a sample of sleepers who were smelled pink or rotten egg during their sleep, the group that had breathed pink smells had sweet dreams, while the group that had breathed egg smells had nightmares or no dreams at all!

Good smells soothe and lead to a restful sleep, have you ever noticed how well you sleep in clean sheets that have dried outside in the middle of summer?

In addition, a recent study has just shown that the unpleasant odours of teenagers’ rooms can disturb their sleep: the reason ? the lack of hygiene of some people and especially the lack of ventilation in the room ! remember that, whatever the season, it is essential to air your room at least 10 minutes a day.