Have you ever noticed that when you fall asleep on the bus, train or subway you always wake up at the right time to get off at the right station? doctors have studied this phenomenon and apparently there is a very rational explanation.

An American neurologist specializing in sleep disorders explains that the body is able to memorize a routine, so if you always take the same subway at the same time and fall asleep every morning before going to work or every night when you get home, the body memorizes the route and memorizes the nap time, so our internal clock would record our route and send a message to wake up at the right time, which is why you always wake up (more or less...) in time to get off at the right station.

On the other hand, if you ever change your habits, if you change your itinerary or schedules, the "automatic" alarm clock is no longer guaranteed!

Moreover, when you sleep, your brain continues to hear announcements on public transport, so you unconsciously hear the name of the station you have to get off at.

Moreover, during naps or micro-siestas the brain remains alert and regularly "wakes up" to check if it is time to go down, as these microwakes last very short time, you don’t remember them and feel like you have slept the whole trip!