Feng-shui is a method that aims to arrange spaces to promote the proper flow of energy in order to create a happy and peaceful atmosphere in the house. Some of the rules of Feng-Shui are sometimes complicated to implement (taking into account the orientation of the room according to the 4 cardinal points, layout of doors and windows) but most of the rules are a matter of common sense and easy to implement.

Feng Shui in the baby’s room

The simple rules of Feng Shui help to create a soothing atmosphere in the room and improve baby’s sleep

Ideally, the baby’s room should be close to the parents’ room so that they can move around easily, the walls should be spotless and the floor should be easy to clean (carpeting retains dust that can cause allergies)

For the sleep of the little ones, opt for a wooden baby bed covered with a paint without solvents special children, a natural mattress and bed linen in Organic Cotton. The bed must be leaned against a wall, avoid the bed in the middle of the room, very pretty but which creates a feeling of discomfort for the child. Do not place the bed or crib in front of a window and as far as possible from the door.

A simple and effective rule for a better sleep: tidy up!

For the baby’s room, as well as for the layout of the house in general, one golden rule: tidy up!

The room must be clear and pleasant and things must be put away in an optimal way. No toys or stuffed animals on the floor that could impede the flow of traffic in the room and especially no obstacles between the door and the baby’s bed. The bed should not be overloaded with stuffed animals, the child should be placed in a sleeping bag without anything around, banish the bed towers which prevent the air circulation, the quilts and the pillows before the age of one year. Only a small comforter is allowed to share a bed with your baby. Remember to air the baby’s room regularly to renew the air, whatever the season and the outside temperature, open the window for 10 to 15 minutes every day. Also make sure that the temperature of the room does not exceed 19° optimal temperature for a quality sleep.

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