Pollution is present everywhere, mainly in big cities, but don’t think you are protected by staying well sealed in your house, it is sometimes worse!

Indeed, the air inside our home is not necessarily healthier, the cleaning products we use are not always safe, the paints can contain harmful substances, just like the furniture. This invisible pollution can lead to health problems for adults and children alike. But there are solutions to purify your home.

First of all, the most important and easiest thing to do: air it out! We think about it in spring or summer because we want to let the sunshine in, we want to hear the birds singing, but in winter, in order to save on heating, we forget this small and simple gesture which allows us to renew the air in the house. 10 minutes are enough to purify your home and reduce harmful substances, so even if it’s freezing: be courageous and air it out!

Do not block the air vents or the VMC and check their operation regularly. To limit the quantity of pollutants in the air, change your consumption habits.

Vacuum regularly to eliminate dust and dust mites, do not overuse products to clean the floor, when it is not very dirty hot water may suffice. Choose your cleaning products in an ecological range.

On the walls of a child’s room, choose solvent-free paints.

Choose natural materials when selecting your bed linen, furniture, carpets and mattresses.

Opt for furniture covered with a special paint for children, without harmful substances. Also choose a baby mattress that allows good air circulation and is Oeko Tex certified.

Don’t use traditional air fresheners, opt instead for essential oils with cleansing properties: Niaouli or lemon oil have antiviral and antibacterial properties, as does Ravintsara essential oil, which also stimulates the immune system.

In a child’s room, limit the number of knick-knacks on the shelves which are real dust nests, limit the number of stuffed animals and wash them regularly.

For the rest of the house, especially the living room, you can also depollute your interior with certain depolluting plants that absorb harmful substances. The best known are spathiphyllum and philodendron, but also chlorophytum, dracaena and Boston fern.