On the occasion of World Sleep Day, March 13, 2020, the applications Headspace and SleepCycle have published the results of a study on the quality of sleep in different cities in France and the cities where it is good to sleep.

Angers is the best place to sleep!

SleepCycle is an application that studies sleep cycles, snoring and schedules waking up in a phase where sleep is the least deep. The application has conducted a study on a total of nearly 3 million sessions throughout France.

Contrary to what one might think, in Paris, we sleep better than the world average. But it is Angers which is at the top of the list! In Angers, people sleep better than the French average with an average of 6h58 hours of sleep, whereas the national average is 6h44.

Moreover, in France, we snore for 17 minutes 13 seconds per night on average and 3 minutes more than the world average (14 minutes 30 seconds). It is in Saint-Germain-en-Laye that we snore the most, with an average of 20 minutes per night, which is nearly 7 minutes more than the world average, followed closely by Reims. On the other hand, if you want to avoid snoring, move to Grenoble where people snore for only 10 minutes per night!

A good night's sleep helps boost your immune system

A good quality and restful sleep is essential to keep your immune system in top shape. Studies show that sleeping less than seven hours a night triples the risk of catching a cold. And that's without counting the harmful effects of lack of sleep on mood, concentration and psychological state in general. Remember, no good days without good nights!

Kadolis, the company from Angers that offers you a healthier sleep

Kadolis is a company based in Angers and specialized since 2007 in the manufacture and sale of products to improve sleep comfort. Kadolis, specialist in natural sleep, uses natural and ecological materials to manufacture its mattresses and bed linen. Natural and ecological materials, such as coconut fiber, natural latex, hemp, wool or even Tencel™ Lyocell, and by quality manufacturing exclusively in Europe. The company strives to offer ethically and sustainably manufactured products. Their product line is designed to provide a more comfortable and healthy sleep, relying on the benefits of the natural materials used.

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